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Flush Wall​

Flush wall doors with magnetic locks are often used as a barrier between the outside and inside of a room. Magnetic lock flush doors use a single magnetic lock located on both the inside and outside of the door. The magnets to lock the door to ensure that only you can open it. There is no need to worry about someone taking the door from the outside since the magnetic lock prevents them. You can rest assured that the doors will not be opening or closing unless you want them to sense the magnetic lock keeps the door shut.

Upgrading A Flush Wall​

Another reason to consider upgrading to a new flush wall door is because they are much easier to clean. Compared to traditional ones, these doors don’t have all the sharp corners and edges on the interior surface of them that often lead to buildup. This means that when you’re doing a thorough cleaning of your interior surface, it’s a lot easier to get everything on the surface cleaner. Also, if you need to use some sort of chemical cleaning solution or detergent, then these types of flushing doors are usually less likely to react with any type of cleaners or products.